Cold Engineering Division

Specialist in Insulation and Refrigeration from Small to Massive Facilities

Complex Low-temperatre Facility
Cold Fumigation Warehouse
Refrigated Distribution Center
Low-tenperature Food Processing Plant
Within a Refregerator (at+1℃)
Within a Freezer (at-25℃)
Unit Cooler
Insulation Equipment
Fumigating Sealed doors
Customized insulation,Internal view
Large-scale Freezer
Refrigerated Shipping Berth,Internal view
Refrigerated Shipping Berth,External view
Beer Tanks Different Companies
Ovoid Pollutant Processors
Plant Facilities
Indoor Winter Leisure Facilities

From Design to Implementation and Maintenance

We work with a variety of different companies in various stage of growth, from those adding new facilities or expanding existing ones to those refitting their current plants.

Once our equipment is onsite, we follow up with maintenance to clean it, test it, maintain heat insulating doors, offer auto-monitoring systems and design new facilities. We also offer an annual maintenance agreement.

Marine Division

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